The Anti-ragging committee formed in our institution takes care to prevent all the ragging cases in the college premises. As per the guide lines issued by the supreme court of India and the Anti-ragging measures of state and centre is taken into consideration while adopting Anti-ragging measures in our institution. All the students were informed about the following administrative actions taken if anyone found guilty in the same. Anti-Ragging Cell of our college assures that our campus is a Ragging free campus and our institution has only zero tolerance against ragging cases. It is constituted under the leadership of principal, staff members, student representatives, PTA members etc. All the students were given the code of conduct of our college during the common Induction Programme. The first year students are informed to report any ragging cases inside and outside of our college and all the senior students are advised to abstain themselves from all types of such bullying, body shaming, teasing, insulting and ragging the junior students. Indulging in any such practices will be punishable.

Prishya Shaju

Asst.Professor, Department of Commerce (Convener)

Raji Bharathan

Head of the Department, Department of Computer Science. (Member)

Shani, A.M

Asst.Professor, Department of Mathematics (Member)


Head of the Department, Malayalam (Member)

Smitha Soman

Asst.Professor, Department of English (Member)


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