In UG programmes there shall be one open course in core subjects in the fifth semester. It provides an opportunity to students to explore subjects beyond their core disciplines. The open course shall be open to all the students in the institution except the students in the parent department. The students can opt that course from any other department in the institution. Each department can decide the open courses from a pool of three courses offered by the university.


Course Selection Process: To streamline the course selection process, the university provides each department with a pool of three courses from which they can select one as an open course offering. Departments have the autonomy to determine the courses based on their relevance, popularity, and availability of faculty resources. The pool of courses is periodically updated to accommodate emerging disciplines and evolving academic trends. Student Enrolment Process: Students interested in enrolling in an open course must follow the university's guidelines and procedures. The enrolment process typically involves the following steps:
  • The institution provides comprehensive information about the open courses, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and faculty details.
  • Students are required to submit their preferred choice of open courses, ranked in order of priority.
  • The institution allocates open courses based on student preferences, considering seat availability and maintaining a balanced distribution among departments. Once allocated, students receive confirmation of their enrolment.
Sl No. Department Name Of Course
1. Department of Commerce BCM5D01-E-Commerce
2. Department of Computer Science BCS5D01-An introduction to Computer Fundamentals and office automation
BCA5D01-An introduction to Computer Fundamentals and office automation
3. Department of Electronics ELE5D01-Computer Hardware
4. Department of Food Technology FT5D03-Food and Health
5. Department of Physical Education PE5D03-Physical Activity Health and Wellness


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